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Top Websites to Download Cracked IPAs

When installous shutdown, a part of the Cydia community also died. Installous was one of the best tweaks ever. It was the mainstream app to install cracked apps in Cydia. After the shutdown of the tweak, people need something to replace it, so they started looking for alternatives.

The shutdown of Installous did not stop the jailbreak community. They found other software and tweaks in which you could download IPAs. If you are interested in this, then it means you have already jailbroken your iOS device and looking to download and install cracked games and apps. If not, then you must do so first. You can get help from this article with step-by-step instructions to jailbreak your iOS device.

Today, Cydia Help will be listing the top websites to download cracked iOS apps. You can then use AppSync or iFunbox or any other application to install the downloaded IPA.

Cydia Help – Sites to Download Cracked IOS Apps

AppCakeAppCake site: Download Cracked Cydia Apps

AppCake is arguably the best IPA stores that is available to date. It features almost all popular applications and cracked IPAs for free cydia applications. All apps on AppCake are stored on file hosting servers which make them very easy to download. However, AppCake requires you to sign up for a free account if you want to make a game request or become a participant in the forum.


AppAddict IPA Store

AppAddict was brought about by aiming to fill the void of the popular AppTrackr that was shut down. It is a very popular application and it will give you almost all popular cracked apps. The applications are also stored on a hosting server so you can download them in just a few clicks. The site is updated regularly, providing you with the latest versions of software and to give the user a good experience. With a rapidly growing fanbase in one year, we will expect to see AppAddict grow immensely in the coming years.



One of the best websites to download cracked iPAs is iApplications. It is a Russian site and provides free ios applications, themes, ringtones, eBooks, and games. You will need to use a translator such as google or bing translator to browse this site. Though it isn’t being updated regularly, it is still a very useful site for free tweaks and games. – Download cracked IPAs

This considered one of the best websites to download free ios applications from. This is because of the massive and rapidly growing fanbase. It carries the latest apps and updates of applications and all are stored on file hosting sites which allow users to download applications easily. I would highly recommend this website to users who are looking for the latest cracked iPAs.

These are just a few of many good websites that you can use to download cracked iPAs. If you want to recommend any other websites, you can leave them in the comments section.

Please note, there are tons of ads on these websites, which may be a bit annoying. Some websites may not be manage or updated properly. But they provide you paid mods and tweaks for free. The inconvenience is made up with the free apps.

I hope that this cydia guide has provided you help and advice to downloading free iPAs for your jailbroken ios device.

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