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How to Put iPhone X into Recovery Mode

Apple’s latest flagship device is iPhone X, and after a long wait, it was finally released in most of the markets. Apple eventually took a bold move by removing the home button on the device, and many people are skeptical about how the things will turn out. Truth to be told, iPhone X is a big hit and consumers are lining up in queues to buy the device. There are some issues most of the old, as well as new iPhone users, will face due to the lack of Home Button on iPhone X.

iPhone X into Recovery Mode

Some of the most common problems we noticed as well as some of them are requests from our subscribers as well. So let’s have a look at them

  1. How to Put iPhone X into Recovery Mode
  2. How to Reboot iPhone X
  3. How to take Screenshots on iPhone x
  4. How to put iPhone X into DFU Mode

The above are few questions asked by the majority of the users. There are few changes made in the iPhone X, and the combinations of them are new. Don’t worry you can do all the things on iPhone X which you usually do on your iPhone 6S or 7 or even 8. It is another iPhone with all its features just the way to access them is changed.

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There are many reasons why you need to put your iPhone X into Recovery Mode. Some of the most common ones are iTunes doesn’t recognize your iPhone X or your iPhone X stuck on Apple Logo or you see Connect to iTunes message on your device out of the blue. During these situations putting your device into recovery mode helps to solve them. So let’s have a look at how to put your iPhone X into Recovery Mode.

How to Enter Recovery Mode on iPhone X

Below steps will help you put your iPhone X into recovery mode. In case if you are having any issues then do let us know via comments below.

Make Sure that you have latest iTunes version installed on your computer. In case you are running an old version of iTunes, We advise you to update it ASAP.

  1. Connect your iPhone X to your computer & Open iTunes.
  2. Now you need to force restart your device. To do that follow below instructions
    • Press & Quickly release Volume Up button.
    • Next press and quickly release volume down button.
    • Now hold the side button until you see recovery mode screen on your iPhone X.
    • It might take a while and a couple of trails to get into recovery mode. So don’t worry.How to iPhone X into Recovery Mode
  3. You can either restore your iPhone X or update it. You can only restore your iPhone X if you have any previous backup or you can restore iOS version using the update file.
  4. In case if you are updating your iPhone X it may take a while depending on your internet connection.

After restoring or updating your device, You will get on-screen instruction to follow. So you learned how to enter into iPhone X recovery mode what about exiting it.

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How to Exit Recovery Mode on iPhone X

This part is easy when compared to entering into recovery mode. All you need to do it disconnect your iPhone X from your computer and press the side button which will eventually restart the device.

Hope you liked our guide on How to Put iPhone X into Recovery Mode. Do share the guide if it helped you.Don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you are facing any issues.

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