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How to use Cydia – A Beginner Guide

Using Cydia

Most people jailbreak their device just for Cydia. Some iOS users may have bought a used device on craigslist or bought a new device. They may have the app installed and ignored it or heard of this strange term, but do not know what it means or does. When I first bought my iPhone 4, I did not know about Cydia, jailbreaking or unlocking. The most common question people ask after they first jailbreak their device is how to use Cydia?

But first, why someone would need to jailbreak? Well there are many reasons, but some include installing apps, tweaks, mods and themes that will never be seen on the App Store. Before you start using cydia, you need to jailbreak your iDevice. If your device is not jailbroken, this guide to jailbreak iOS 7.1 to 7.1.2 can be followed. Now, when your iDevice is first jailbroken, the icon will be on your springboard. So today, we will be looking at a beginner guide on using cydia.

How to use Cydia

 First Startup

The app will be loading for the first time with a gray screen. It will say “Initializing Filesystem”.  After it is completed it will exit and restart your springboard. An internet connection is needed for the app to work.

Once the app is reopened, it will start will take a few seconds to start up. This is because of it reloading and updating the sources.

Who are you?

When the apps first opens, an identification prompt will appear asking what type of user you are. Unless you are an advanced user, click User (Graphical Only). If the wrong option is accidentally chosen, it can be easily changed by going to the Manage tab at the bottom, and hitting the settings button to the top left.

 Upgrade Essentials

When the app first opens, a popup screen will appear titled “Upgrade Essentials”. Click on the complete upgrade option and tap Confirm. After it is installed, click restart springboard. The latest version will now be installed.

 Upgrade Packages

A pop-up will appear asking to upgrade your packages when you start Cydia. To do so, tap on complete upgrade, click confirm on the next screen, wait for the app to download and update itself and then tap respring. This process ensures that the latest updates are installed.

Using Navigations

Cydia Structure iOS 7,using cydia navigations

 Home: The homepage shows the most popular apps, tweaks, and themes in the store. There are also sponsored apps shown here.

Sections: This is where sources are divided into categories. This makes it easier to find mods and tweaks. For example, categories such as games and themes can be found here.

Changes: This section shows all new software added to your device in chronological order. It also serves to show if there are any updates to your apps.

Manage: This section shows all the software installed on your device. Also, it allows the user to remove any unwanted programs. It can be categorized by user, expert or recent.

Search: An app or tweak can be found quickly by entering its name in the search bar.

I hope that this beginner guide on how to use Cydia has helped.

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