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How to Add New Sources to Cydia

Today, we will provide a guide on how to add new sources to Cydia. If you need any help with other aspects of this app, then you can use the following articles:

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The application only comes with a few repositories by default. We need new sources in order to install new apps. For example, we may need the xSellize repo to install emulators or ROMs. Once the repo is added you will be able to search up and install all the applications in it.

Before I provide help on how to add new sources, you will absolutely need a jailbroken device. There is no way in which you can add sources without the device being jailbroken.

Cydia Help – How to Add a New Source

Tap on the icon on the home screen of your device. This will open the homepage. Then tap on Manage on the lower menu bar. On the Manage tab, tap sources.

how to add new sources

Under the Sources tab, you will see the default repos. To add a new source, click on edit in the upper right corner, then on add in the upper left corner.edit repos

A box prompting you to “Enter Cydia/APT URL” will pop up. You will enter the source’s url there. For example, if you want to install the Insanelyi repo, you will enter its url

After you’ve entered the repo’s url, click on “add source”. Depending on the legitimacy of the repository, you may get a long source warning. This is ok with popular repos such as SiNfuL iPhone as cracked apps are illegal. But you should do your research with sources that may appear dodgy. You should click “Add Anyway” if the warning comes up. It will install and finally click “Return to Cydia”.

I hope this article has provided help on how to add a new source in cydia. If you have any questions or remarks, leave them in the comments section.

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