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Download & Install Zeusmos on iOS | Zeusmos Cydia Source

Zeusmos iOS 11: Recently we covered an in-depth guide on Appvn App which lets users download cracked and paid applications for free. There are plenty of alternatives for it and we thought of covering about Zeusmos application. Zeusmos is one of the oldest cracked application stores and it the best Installous Alternative which is available till date. Another interesting feature about the application is that it lets users install IPA files on their iPhone or iPad.

If you are just like me who wish to install IPA files on iPhone or iPad without jailbreaking them, then Zeusmos is your solution.  It is one of the best alternatives to many applications like vShare, AppCake etc. The best thing about this application is that it will work flawlessly on any iOS version whether its iOS 7 or latest iOS 11. Zeusmos not only let you install cracked applications it will also let you install cracked Cydia tweaks as well.

In case if you are thinking to install Cracked Cydia tweaks then you might need to jailbreak your device. The process of installation is quite different from Jailbroken and non-jailbroken version. You need to add Zeusmos Cydia Source to download cracked tweaks using the same. We will be covering both guides in this article. In case if you ran into any issues during any step then do let us know via comments below.

Cydia Help doesn’t encourage piracy in any form. This guide is for educational purposes only. We advice our readers to use this app to try paid apps before buying them. If you can afford the app then do it and help the developer.”

zeusmos cydia source

Features of Zeusmos Application

We thought of covering some important features of the application so that you can know what you can do with the application beforehand.

  1. User Interface is clean and easy to use.
  2. You can find a majority of the application in it.
  3. If you are having a bad network then you can pause and resume whenever you want.
  4. Download Speeds are excellent when compared to other applications.
  5. Separate categories for tweaks and applications.

So let’s have a look at the process to install Zeusmos without Jailbreak and with jailbreak.

Download Zeusmos from Cydia

So first let’s have a look at the process to download Zeusmos from Cydia. As mentioned earlier we need to add Zeusmos Cydia Source and let’s see how to do it.

How to Add Zeusmos Cydia Source

As adviced earlier you need to have a jailbroken device with Cydia installed. The process of adding Cydia Source is quite similar on all iOS versions.

  1. Open Cydia application.
  2. Next click on “Sources” >> Add New.
  3. You need to enter any of the below sources
  4. It will take a while for the repo to download.
  5. You can search for Zeusmos and download it.
  6. After installing the application you need to respring your device.

You have successfully installed Zeusmos application from Cydia. If you are using a non-jailbroken version then check below procedure to install Zeusmos without Jailbreak.

Download & Install Zeusmos without Jailbreak

You can follow below steps to install Zeusmos on your iPhone without the need of jailbreaking it. But you won’t get most of the functions which you can enjoy on a jailbroken device due to some constraints. If you are facing any issues with Zeusmos Without Jailbreak then do let us know via comments.

  1. You can directly download it from the official website.
  2. It isn’t free and costs you $9.99
  3. You will get custom certificates for the application to work on your device.
  4. Type in in Safari browser and enjoy Zeusmos.

Hope you liked our guide on How to download Zeusmos without Jailbreak. If you are having any issues with the application then do let us know via comments below. Don’t forget to share the guide.

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