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Best WinterBoard Themes for iOS 7

Best Winterboard Themes for iOS 7

With the iOS 7 jailbreak being released, people can now install themes on their iPhone, iPod or iPad. There are so many designs in which you can install on your device with each theme being different. There are factors to consider such as the look, app icons, wifi bars, status bars, dock, notifications bar and so much more.

Whether you’re looking for an update for the look of app icons, or a completely new look, there will be a design to download. But users hit a mental block as they do not know which to install. So today, we will be discussing the best winterboard themes for iOS 7. You, however need to be jailbroken in order to install these tweaks. If you have not jailbroken your device yet, you can follow my step by step cydia guide here. You will also need to install WinterBoard to activate them.

Cydia Help – Best WinterBoard Themes for iOS 7


Ayeris Theme for iOS 7

Ayeris, pronounced Iris, is a beautiful theme made by Surenix. Ayeris beings a whole new design to iOS 7, yet you can still recognize Apple’s software. Thanks to new app icons, it gives the software a complete makeover. There are also other tweaks such as mail, settings and a new dock. I would recommend this to iOS lovers that would like an improved set of icons.


Ayecon Theme for iOS 7

Ayecon, pronounced Icon, is another elegant design made by Surenix. The theme comes with over 100 updated icons as well as a mask to make others fit in. It has 9 wallpapers and tweaks such as status bar and messenger app. While its bigger brother is more beautiful, Ayecon gives users something you will not find anywhere else. The theme leaves some part of iOS 7 in itself, but improves on other parts. Redesigned from the previous software, Ayecon is a unique and simply amazing.


Aura Theme for iOS 7

The Aura theme is one of my favorite iOS 7 designs. It has over 300 stunning app icons. Even the shape of the buttons is perfect with its sleek curves. There is also a mask for unsupported icons to blend right in. You will also get 3 HD wallpapers and new signal bar icons. I personally have this theme installed on my iPhone and I don’t plan to change it soon. This can be used on both iPhone and iPad.


Zanilla Theme for iOS 7

Zanilla is a flat Cydia theme that aims to enhance the look of iOS 7. The design includes over 100 custom icons and a mask to mesh unsupported icons. Zanilla gives the software a more sophisticated look. The theme also changes the look of the lock screen slider, settings panel and it gives you a custom file to create your own custom app icon if it is unsupported.


Flat7 Theme for iOS 7

Flat7 is another one of my favourite themes. It provides a new superb look of app icons. It also allows you to change the shape of the icons from rounded squares to circular icon. And if you really want to be unique, you can choose hexagonal icons. There are changes in the lockscreen and messages app which makes the design look even more delightful.

I hope that this guide has helped you in picking the best WinterBoard themes for iOS 7. Now, what are you waiting for? Start installing!

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